South Carolina Divorce

High Net Worth Divorce in South Carolina

High Net Worth Couple  Need Help Filing for Divorce

SC Divorce AttorneyYes, If you are going through a high net worth divorce,it is much more complicated!

Although sometimes the end of a relationship is a practical matter, divorce proceedings are often filled with emotions, which can lead to heated arguments or vengeful actions. It is hard enough to end your marriage without worrying about the legal details of a legal separation , divorce, but marriages are also legal partnerships, which means that divorces must be handled through a legal procedure.

To file for divorce in South Carolina, you or your spouse must be residents of the state for one year, or both of you together must have resided in the state for 3 months. If you are in the military and need a military divorce, then you must meet the military’s length-of-time requirements. Generally, the court will not take action on your case until at least 2 months after you file for divorce, and will not grant a divorce until three months after you file, unless you have separated for one full year or file desertion.

Fault Versus No-Fault Divorces in South Carolina

About 3.4 marriages out of every 1,000 people in South Carolina, as of 2012, ends in divorce. The general statistic for marriages across the US is that half of them will end in divorce at some point, which seems to be generally true for people between the ages of 18 and 40.

In order to file for divorce without legal representation, you must meet certain criteria which many couples do not fit. First, you must have no children and none on the way with your spouse, or if you do have minor children, you must have come to an agreement about custody. You must also come to an agreement before filing for divorce regarding assets, child custody, property, businesses, and debt. Most couples file for divorce before coming to an agreement on on these subjects, and because emotions run high during this time, it is difficult to negotiate these aspects of the marriage without legal help.

My Spouse and I Have Filed for Divorce, Now What?

If you and/or your spouse have filed for divorce in South Carolina and do not know what the next steps are, it is important that you find representation to gather necessary information about property and children in the marriage. The South Carolina high net worth divorce attorneys at the Strom Law Firm understand the state’s laws regarding both fault and no-fault divorce proceedings. Please call us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your potential divorce.